8 supposed salafi terrorists to face trial in Karaganda
24 October 2016 21:02

8 supposed salafi terrorists to face trial in Karaganda

KARAGANDA. KAZINFORM - Eight residents of Balkhash region are brought to the court in Karaganda on the count of the act of terrorism and other serious crimes, Kazinform reports. "The criminal case (supposed Salafi terrorists) has been entered in the court.

The accused are 8 people. Initial hearing is appointed on October 31", - Karaganda court press service told. The judge to consider the criminal case will be Kayrat Kasimov. According to the press service, the criminals are being charged per several articles of the Criminal code of Kazakhstan: attempt at creation and management of a terrorist group and participation in its activities (24-257 Chapters 1,2 Criminal Code of Kazakhstan), infringement of human life for the purpose of violation of public safety, intimidation of population, influencing the decisions of state bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Chapter 4 Article 255 of the Criminal Code of Kazakhstan), illegal carrying or sale of cold weapon (Chapter 1 Article 287 of the Criminal Code of Kazakhstan).

As it was reported by the press service of Kazakhstan National Security Committee, in Balkhash and Gulshat village of Karaganda region the activity of radical group was repressed. The radical group planned acts of terrorism with use of improvised explosive devices. On June 26 during a detention operation in Gulshat village one of the terrorists committed suicide bombing and died of the injuries. On June 29 the Balkhash court authorized arrest of the 5th detained men. According to the investigators, in April 2016 a Balkhash resident who is an adherent of a nonconventional religious trend created a terrorist group. The investigation have got eight people on the criminals list.

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