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250,000 tons of Kashagan sulfur exported

29 March 2018 09:59
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250,000 tons of Kashagan sulfur exported

ATYRAU. KAZINFORM - 1,5 million tons of sulfur has been extracted from the oil produced at Kashagan field, Atyrau region, Kazinform reports.

"In October 2017, we started exporting Kashagan sulphur by railway. Production of granulated sulfur has increased. By the end of the year export of sulfur amounted to more than 100 thousand tons. In total since the start of production there have been produced more than 1,5 million tons of sulfur. By today we have exported more than 250 thousand tons of sulfur," Bruno Jardin, Managing Director of NCOC told Kazinform.

According to Bruno Jardin, the extracted sulfur is supplied by pipelines in a liquid condition in two directions - to the sulfur blocks and to the plant for granulation. Once we reach design capacity we will no longer be stacking sulfur blocks. The entire sulfur produced will be exported. The company also plans to melt and process accumulated sulfur blocks into granules.

The ready granulated sulfur is supplied to the conveyer belts and is loaded onto the railcars which go to Karabatan to one of the NCOC shareholder companies which handles sale of sulfur and other North-Caspian project products.

The potential sale markets are China and the countries of West Mediterranean district where sulfur is used as a raw material for production of agricultural fertilizers, Bruno Jardin added.

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