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2017 ‘green energy’ year in Kazakhstan

20 October 2016 13:40 85
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2017 ‘green energy’ year in Kazakhstan

ASTANA. KAZINFORM Kazakhstan Government is planning to invest into ‘Green Energy' the next year, reports.    

The energy field of Kazakhstan does not have enough investments. The volume of proprietary funds in investments has decreased by KZT 34 billion this year. During January-September 2016 investments into the fixed assets of electric power producers reduced by 19%. Up to KZT 269 billion has been invested within nine months of 2016 in order to upgrade the major facilities of the industry.

The level of upgrading of the key assets in electric energy still remains the same – less than 6% of the fixed assets of enterprises of the industry has been refurbished or replaced, with over 31% of assets requiring upgrade or replacement. Investment flow into energy assets has reduced both from the market players and the national budget. The proprietary funds invested into the fixed asset by power producers during January-September 2016 has amounted to KZT 145 billion, which is 34 billion less than during the same period of the last year.

Investments from the national and local budgets have decreased by KZT 27 billion (-25%) within this year and equaled KZT82,5 billion.

Banks have also shrunk their loan support. During nine months 2016 the amount of bank loans within investments has decreased by 50%, which is by KZT 12 billion.

The sole source of financing of the energy industry which has increased during the year is non-bank loans which have increased by 31% (KZT 7 billion more) up to KZT 30,2 billion. However on the background of overall investment cutback in the electricity, gas and steam supply, the development of renewable energy sources and energy saving has started getting more investments.

In 2015 the volume of investment support for the companies engaged in renewable energy industry equaled KZT7.5 billion against KZT0.5 billion before. Investments channeled to GHG emission control has increased up to KZT 1.1 billion with KZT 0.4 billion in 2014. Electric energy industry, especially the sectors specializing in energy saving and renewable energy sources development may become a new growth point for the national economy.

According to the information of the International Energy Agency, in 2050 the solar energy may become the main source of electricity. The developed countries actively choose renewable sources of energy. For instance in Germany the share of renewable energy sources equals 87% out of total power consumption.

Kazakhstan Government plans to put more money into development of heat and electric power in 2017. According to the Energy Ministry plan, in 2017 there will be carried through 37 projects which are supposed to enhance the heating systems of the regions and the cities of Astana and Almaty, as well as 28 projects in 2018 and 13 projects in 2019. KZT 37.6 billion has been foreseen in the budget for execution of this program in 2017, and KZT 33,2 billion in 2018 and KZT 28,3 billion in 2019 accordingly. In addition about KZT 8.5 billion will be provided from the national budget for execution of atomic and energy projects during 2017-2019.

To remind, the next year Kazakhstan is hosting the international event EXPO-2017 the main theme of which is “green energy”.

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