2 earthquakes hit northwestern China

Adlet Seilkhanov
24 February 2023, 16:25

2 earthquakes hit northwestern China Фото:

BEIJING. KAZINFORM - Two earthquakes rocked the northwest of China today, Kazinform cites the country's seismological center.

A 3.0-magnitude quake was recorded at 10:45 am Beijing time in Aksu Prefecture, Xinjiang, China. The quake hit at a depth of 10km.

Another quake measuring 3.1 on the MPV scale rocked Gansu province in northwestern China at 11:44 am. It hit at a depth of 10km.

There have been no reports on victims and destructions so far.

According to the Chinese seismological center, a total of 107 quakes of magnitude 3.0 and over have rocked the country since January 1, 2023. A 6.1-magnitude earthquake was recorded on January 30 in Aksu Prefecture.

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