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10 oxygen concentrators donated to district hospital in Turkestan rgn

11 November 2020 14:50
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10 oxygen concentrators donated to district hospital in Turkestan rgn

TURKESTAN. KAZINFORM – The entrepreneurs have donated equipment to the Shardarinsk Central District Hospital, Kazinform reports.

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ICC Company specializing in processing cotton has also gifted oxygen concentrators to the central hospitals of Kazyrgurtsk and Tolebi districts.

It is said that the Shardarinsk Central District Hospital has 40 oxygen concentrators at its disposal as well as one mobile medical complex it has received recently to provide medical assistance to residents of remote settlements.

The bus includes 7 specialized rooms each equipped with digital devices, they are a reception room, GP’s zone, testing zone, pharmacy, functional testing zone, obstetrical-gynaecology’s room, and radiation diagnostics’ room.

The district hospital has 200 pulseoximeters and 9 lung ventilators on standby as part of the preparations for the potential second wave of COVID-19. 100 beds are connected to oxygen tanks.

The medical facility has a three-month stockpile of disinfectants, personal protective means and pharmaceuticals. 16 mobile crews have been set up to provide medical care to COVID-19 patients.

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Adlet Seilkhanov

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