1,927 teens get Pfizer vaccine in Almaty region
29 November 2021 12:54

1,927 teens get Pfizer vaccine in Almaty region

TALDYKORGAN. KAZINFORM The sanitary and epidemiological control department of Almaty region announced how many children and expectant moms have been vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine against COVID-19 so far, Kazinform reports.

As of today, 1,927 teens, including 274 aged 12-13, 492 aged 14-15, 1,161 aged 16-17 received the 1st dose of the coronavirus vaccine. 377 adults, including 325 breastfeeding and 52 expectant moms were also vaccinated, the department reads.

225,810 locals are eligible for vaccination with the Pfizer vaccine in the region. 147,000 of them are children aged between 12 and 17, 34,510 pregnant and 44,300 breastfeeding moms.

As earlier reported, the first batch of the Pfizer vaccine landed in Taldykorgan on November 11. 46,800 doses are designated for teens, expectant and breastfeeding moms.