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Nursultan Nazarbayev made statement regarding terrorist attack in Aktobe

8 June 2016 16:20 2839
Nursultan Nazarbayev made statement regarding terrorist attack in Aktobe

ASTANA. KAZINFORM Head of State Nursultan Nazarbayev has made today a statement regarding the situation in Aktobe city, Akorda press service informs.

Dear Kazakhstanis!

As you know, a group of terrorists made an assault in the city of Aktobe on 5 June. Law-enforcement structures of the country launched all required measures to stop this criminal act, destroy and neutralize the terrorists. A special interdepartmental investigative-operational group headed by Minister of Internal Affairs has been established at my instruction. Prosecutor General of Kazakhstan has undertaken personal control over the investigation process. All the criminals will be brought to responsibility to the fullest extent of the law. According to available data, the act of terrorism was organized by the followers of radical pseudo-religious movements, who had received instructions from abroad.

To our great regret, several militaries and civilians were killed and injured as a result of the assault. They have families and children. I express my deepest condolences to all the families and relatives of the victims. I declare June 9 the Day of National Mourning over all those killed in the tragedy. At my instruction, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and akimats [local administrations - editor] provide all-round support to the families of victims.

The law-enforcement officers stopped the terrorists at the expense of their own lives. They demonstrated professionalism, faithfulness, courage and patriotism. I would like to point out particularly high level of cohesion and promptness of the police officers and the National Guard. The citizens of Aktobe did not surrender to panic and provocations in this hard situation.

Extremism and terrorism pose a threat both to our country and to the entire world. Kazakhstanis realized the importance of enhanced anti-terrorist measures taken by our law-enforcement authorities countrywide. There is no issue for concern now. Meanwhile, I am calling all Kazakhstanis to be cautious and firmly suppress any appeals to violent illegal actions and provide all-round support to law-enforcement bodies.

We will always take the strictest measures to suppress extremists and terrorists. Our state has all required potential and forces for this goal. We all know that the so-called ‘color-coded revolutions' use various methods and arise from protests, murders and attempts to seize power. To date, we see the signs of all these phenomena in our country. Instability, poverty, racketeering as well as extremism and terrorism have settled today in those countries which experienced such actions in the past. The economies of these countries lag behind now.

I am calling the people of Kazakhstan and public associations to unite and prove our ability to defend peace, stability and friendship of all Kazakhstanis! The state will take all needed measures to fight with those who attempt to destroy our society and country!

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