25 February 2016, 13:55

Uzbekistan bans GMO in baby food

TASHKENT. KAZINFORM - Uzbekistan will adopt measures to restrict the import and consumption of products containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in baby food in accordance with the decree of President of the country Islam Karimov.

The Uzbek President on February 9 approved the state program the Year of Healthy Mother and Child. According to the program, Uzbekistan plans to amend the law on quality and food safety prohibiting GMOs in baby food.

The government of Uzbekistan intends to introduce restrictions for import and consumption of food products containing GMOs.

GMOs harmfully affect the human body. The process of hematopoiesis may be disrupted under the influence of such products. People, who eat food containing GMOs are more susceptible to cancer. The organism can not adequately respond to cancer under the impact of GMO, according to AKI Press.

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N 10.04.2016
There is not a single scientific study proving genetically modified organisms are unhealthy, but there are plenty proving that GM crops can provide nutrition (golden rice) and waste less resources (Bt cotton/enviropig) than non-GM crops. There is no correlation between disruption of blood cell formation and formation of malignant tumors with GM crop consumption. The organic industry wants to sell their pesticides and seeds so they convince people to fear new technology.
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