01 January 2016, 17:00

Burglary at Kazakhstan-occupied house in Jomtien

PATTAYA. KAZINFORM Police were called to a house rented by a Kazakhstan couple at the View Talay Villas on Jomtien Second Road on Wednesday afternoon to investigate a burglary.

The house is currently being rented by Mr. Yevgeniy Gaponchuk aged 39 from Kazakhstan. He occupied the house on 3rd November and is due to leave on 15th January. The house is owned by a Russian, Mr. Alexey Makarov aged 45 who soon arrived with his boyfriend Khun Nattapon aged 28.

The tenant and his family had left the house earlier in the day and went to a local Massage Parlor and when they returned they discovered someone had broken-into the house through a bedroom window and had removed 6,100 US Dollars and 190,000 Baht in cash from their room safe.

Khun Nattapon revealed the house had been broken into 4 times since his Boyfriend had purchased the house and according to him, regular break-ins occur at the village.

Police took fingerprint impressions from the house and determined more than 1 person broke-into the house. Security Guards at the View Talay Villas saw nothing suspicious.


Source: http://pattayaone.net/

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