10 June 2013, 18:24

Piece of ancient writing discovered in Kultobe ancient settlement in South Kazakhstan

SHYMKENT. June 10. KAZINFORM - Archaeologists in South Kazakhstan have already named their find unique. The found fragment of writing refers to the 3rd century B.C.

As the head of the excavation Doctor of Historical Sciences Alexander Podushkin believes, even one character carries a huge meaning. In the fragments found on the site there is reference to Samarkand, Bukhara and the rulers of those times. This information will help scientists fill in the gaps in the history of Kazakhstan.

Together with Kazakh specialists there are their Russian colleagues holding the excavation.

Senior Researcher of the State Historical Museum in Moscow Elena Perevodchikova has not  arrived in South Kazakhstan for the first time. This year she, along with Kazakh archaeologists, discovered a rarely remain inchaged post frame construction covered with clay. This may indicate a complex architecture of the time.

Note:  On the site of the ancient settlement named Kultobe the excavation works have been conducted for the last 12 years, and 15 tables with the written language of the state Kangüy have been discovered.


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