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Exhibition of an ancient Kazakhstan gold "The Golden Man: Treasures of the Scythian Burial Mounds".

7 December 2009 13:24 523

LONDON.  December 7. KAZINFORM On December 11, 2009 in London (Great Britain) in the gallery "La Galleria Pall Mall" will take place an official opening of the exhibition of an ancient Kazakhstan gold "The Golden Man: Treasures of the Scythian Burial Mounds".

Organizers of the arrangement are the Ministry of the Culture and Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the State Museum of Gold and Precious Metals of the RK and the Joint-Stock Company "Kazakh Auendery".

Masterpieces of the jewellery art of the Kazakhstan from the funds of the State Museum of Gold and Precious Metals of the RK will be presented to an attention of the Britain Community On the exhibition.

Kazakhstan is the country with a rich historical and cultural past. Located in the heart of the Eurasia, Kazakhstan proved to be on the crossroads of the most ancient civilizations of the world, on the crossing of transport ways, social and economical, cultural and ideological links between East and West, South and North, between Europe and Asia, between the largest government formulations of the Eurasian continent.

In the first centuries of the first millennium BC on the territory of the steppe zone of the Central Asia were blossoming nomadic Scythe-Saka's civilizations, memorials of the culture that are preserved and kept till our days. Scythe-Saka epoch made their unique contribution into the world treasure by samples of culture, mythology and written language.

This collection of golden-makings of Scythian and saka's culture from kurgans Issyk, Chilikty, burial mounds Aktasty and Chelkar, Zhalauly and Kargali treasure serve as a testifying evidence of that.

The reconstruction of the "Golden Man" that was found in 1969 at excavations of the Kurgan Issyk, which is located in 50 km distant from Almaty, occupies a special place in this exposition of the exhibition. This find dated back to the V-IV c.c. BC. Golden jewelleries of the reconstruction of the "Golden Man" (more than 4 thousand golden-makings) done in a high artistic degree that it entered them into the range of the most valuable memorials of the jewellery art of the Saka time.

The collection of the exhibition brightly reflects a rich and distinctive culture of the Kazakh nation and will promote further development of the collaboration and deepening of cultural links between our governments.

The exhibition will last till December 16, 2009, Kazinform refers to the press service of the Kazakh Embassy in the UK.

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