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We are Asian society, with own history and culture - Nazarbayev

18 March 2017 10:29 1039
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We are Asian society, with own history and culture - Nazarbayev

ASTANA. KAZINFORM Head of State said that recent Constitutional amendments will intensify competition between the county's political parties, Kazinform correspondent reports.

"In order to become like, say European countries or US, who had capitalist system in place for hundreds of years. These countries matured completely and in natural way. And no matter what anyone may say, we are an Asian society, with our own history, culture and traditions. (...) Young people are very keenly aware of what is happening in the world, but we have not yet achieved such political culture. And, concerning a one-party parliament, you probably meant that Nur Otan holds the dominant number of votes in the parliament. Three parties with their own different directions are presented in our Parliament. There is a Communist Party, and a business party. And what we are doing in the Constitution, encourages people to create more serious parties, to unite and fight for votes in parliamentary elections", the President said during his interview with the media yesterday.

According to him, the role of the parliament and maslikhats, who are directly involved in appointment of akims, is being raised.

"Akimats are given special budgets and they have councils to facilitate to raising political consciousness of all Kazakhstanis. And this is not the last stage of our reforms", Head of State said.

"Many successful leaders have been criticized. For example, a state-city of Singapore, today it has the highest GDP per capita. And Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, whom I knew well, was accused of all kinds of sins including that he was a dictator. He explained that our society is different from the West. Catholic and especially Protestant societies say: I am responsible for myself only and to my brother I can lend but not give", stressed Kazakh President.

Nursultan Nazarbayev said that Kazakhstani people have a different approach to family relationships.

"Young generations think older people are stupid. And elder know that young people are fools, as they travelled the road younger generations are still to take. But will they reach their destination? We step by step pursue what we want. Our goal is to be like them. And that system was doubted as well, when the migrant flow began. Why are they not allowed in? It is an open and democratic society. Because the interests of the people are also taken into account, not everything is so unambiguous here. The World needs different systems, from which humanity will choose the best. The main direction in which the mankind is heading is democracy. As democracy is not the beginning of our journey but rather our destination", Mr. Nazarbayev concluded.


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