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President: My attitude towards EAEU has not changed

18 March 2017 08:30 1254
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President: My attitude towards EAEU has not changed

ASTANA. KAZINFORM In yesterday's interview with the country's leading media outlets, President Nazarvbayev said he is optimistic about the future of the Eurasian Union, despite the temporary difficulties and some unresolved issues.

In his opinion, neighboring countries will always have some sort of questions. "Given the crisis, trade between our countries declined. Therefore questions may arise, such as: Was it necessary? Do we need this union? I say we need it, if only for the sake of not having customs borders between our countries. Today people, goods and money can move freely within the Union and Kazakhstanis can establish enterprises in Russia, Russians in Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Kyrgyzstan and so on".

According to Nursultan Nazarbayev, free movement is a great benefit as it stimulates the development of each member state and their economy. "I look wider and further. And all these difficulties, the persisting crisis, including in production, the rise in prices, this all shall pass and settle. And then, perhaps, we will continue to expand. I am sure that if the Eurasian Economic Union works well, the European Union will want to have do business with us".

President said that today about forty states want to become if not full-fledged member but least observers in the EAEU. "Why? Because it is a 180 million people market. And everyone wants access to such a market".

According to the Head of State, disagreements arise even in the European Union. "If there were no disagreements - England would not leave", he said. Therefore, in his opinion, "the general direction of the EAEU should be considered correct while it is still necessary to complete the carcass".


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