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Kazakhstan to introduce genetic analysis technologies into medical practice

8 February 2018 17:45 656
Kazakhstan to introduce genetic analysis technologies into medical practice

ASTANA. KAZINFORM Complete information on customer's medical tests and treatment will be stored in a special electronic database. Instead of a thousand papers, there will be one electronic record, the so-called health passport, Kazinform cites the official website of the Astana City Administration.

As Kazinform previously reported, electronic health records (passports) will emerge in Kazakhstan in the near future to avoid carrying results of numerous medical tests from one out-patient clinic to another. In Astana, this know-how will be gradually introduced in 2018. The ultimate result of the project will be the creation of a full-fledged electronic health record. The representatives of the Healthcare Department are confident that this will allow to introduce genetic analysis technologies into practice, getting medical assistance to a whole new level, and improving the living standards.

"Owing to electronic health records, doctors and patients will have access to all the data. Doctors will have all personal medical details, data about patient's illnesses, admissions to hospitals, and prescribed drugs. Moreover, a patient will have access to his/her health record via a personal account. There, he/she will be able to track assays and see the time and the hospitals he/she was treated. And, what's more important, a personal account will make it possible to provide diagnostics, have feedback from a patient, and carry out 24-hour monitoring. That is, doctors will get a tool to prevent errors and improve the quality of medical assistance," Director of the Astana Branch of the Republican Center for the Electronic Healthcare Saule Kurmanova told a briefing.

All public healthcare institutions, and private outpatient clinics, which provide statutory free medical assistance, will be able to add parameters to the database.


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