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'Healthiest hearts in the world' found

'Healthiest hearts in the world' found
18 March 22:12 451

LONDON. KAZINFORM The healthiest hearts in the world have been found in the Tsimane people in the forests of Bolivia, say researchers, BBC reports.    

Barely any Tsimane had signs of clogged up arteries - even well into old age - a study in the Lancet showed.

"It's an incredible population" with radically different diets and ways of living, said the researchers.

They admit the rest of the world cannot revert to a hunter-gathering and early farming existence, but said there were lessons for all of us.


Remote fishingImage copyrightBEN TRUMBLE

Tsimane is pronounced "chee-may-nay".

There are around 16,000 Tsimane who hunt, fish and farm on the Maniqui River in the Amazon rainforest in the Bolivian lowlands.

Their way of life has similarities to human civilisation thousands of years ago.

It took the team of scientists and doctors multiple flights and a canoe journey to get there. 

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