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Chinese popular magazine devotes several page spreads to Dimash

19 May 2017 18:43 2149
Chinese popular magazine devotes several page spreads to Dimash

ASTANA. KAZINFORM China's popular glossy magazine "Easy" has devoted several spreads to Kazakh singer Dimash Kudaibergen. Its latest issue contains close-up pictures of the singer, according to @dimash_alpanda, the singer fans' Instagram account.

In addition, the fan group has posted a small fragment of the interview to Easy magazine:

- What things do you usually bring when you are out and about?
- The keys.

- Is anything disturbing you these days?
- Nothing can disturb me.

- Do you need an alarm to wake you up?
- I'd like to have somebody who could help me with it.

- Which of the gifts you received impressed you best of all?
- Each one.

- Your favorite phrase?
- All words.

- What track did you listen last?
- Michael Jackson - Beat It.

- What do you usually do before going to bed?
- I pray for my security.

- Which part of your body you are most happy with?
- I feel uncomfortable to answer the question! I won't tell you.

- What was your childhood dream?
- To become a prominent singer.

- Do you have any other skills you haven't demonstrated to us?
- There are lots of them.........ha-ha-ha, I'm kidding. In future you will know everything over time.


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