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China to bring Kazakh scientists’ oil and gas projects to life

9 October 2017 16:14 2189
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China to bring Kazakh scientists’ oil and gas projects to life

ASTANA. KAZINFORM Foreign countries have taken interest in the innovative projects of Kazakhstani scientists represented at the Astana Expo 2017. Implementation of joint projects dedicated to some of them has already started, Zhumakhan Myrkhalykov, Head of the Auezov South Kazakhstan State University, said at the briefing in the Government on Monday, Kazinform correspondent reports.    

"At the EXPO, our universities demonstrated 4 projects which were well received. I think these projects have kindled the interest of many of our foreign counterparts. In particular, Germany's Institute of Solar Research and other universities have become interested in our developments in the solar plant project," Zhumakhan Myrkhalykov said.

Charging with the sun and wind power, these mobile solar units provide farms with heat and energy.

"They provide farmers with all life support systems. The convenience resides in the fact that they can be moved by rolling and set in hard-to-reach places, for instance, in mountainous areas, without the necessity to lay wires. I think we will soon start manufacturing these mobile units in Shymkent. For now, we have inked memorandums - our German colleagues visited the region and discussed the needs of these units at the university. The project registration procedure is underway now," Zhumakhan Myrkhalykov said.

The next project, which caught the interest of foreign colleagues, is an increase in the biogas efficiency.

"It's common knowledge that many scientists, almost all countries, deal with biogas. However, the effect of using it, that is, the efficiency, does not exceed 60%. Our projects offer the opportunity to raise the efficiency by 20-30% more. This project has been recently discussed in China. After our projects were exhibited at the EXPO, we were invited to China, where we visited two very serious universities: the North China Electric Power University and the China University of Petroleum. There, we established working groups, updated the plans, and signed memorandums regarding several projects," Zhumakhan Myrkhalykov clarified.

China has become interested in the project to make a unit that would capture associated gases in the mining and oil industries. "That is the processing of these gases and obtaining alternative energy. Production of each ton of oil in our country is accompanied by the release of 50 cubic meters of gas. If you collect these gases and recycle them into energy, it would be possible to provide 30% of the energy consumed by the producers. Together with foreign counterparts we have already started designing the project," Zhumakhan Myrkhalykov summed up.



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